Pre Primary

Babies and Toddlers from 6 months up to 3 years are entertained and stimulated in a fun and loving environment. Giving them the best possible start in a home away from home.

The children from age three up to Grade R are taught using the internationally-recognised Montessori system, which sets an excellent foundation for numeracy and literacy skills, as well as nurturing self-confidence and independence in the children.

Various themes are covered throughout the year, including plants, animals, humans, transport, technology and the earth and solar system. Outings are arranged once a term to various places, complementing the current theme covered.

Children are stimulated through creative play, rhythm and themes, creative crafts and stories. Emphasis is placed on left and right brain integration, social skills, fine motor development, life skills for lifelong learning, and cultivation of basic skills. The curriculum seeks to achieve a balance between spiritual, moral, social, academic and physical development.

The pre-primary children are well prepared for the challenges that await them in primary school. The Montessori equipment provides a concrete foundation for aspects of the CAPS curriculum.

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A Solid Foundation

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